WPS Series, Wideband Power Sensors

WPS Series, Wideband Power Sensors

WPS Series

Wideband RF Power Sensors (±4% Accuracy)

Bird's Wideband Power Sensor series provides high performance and acccurate in-line field measurements that never require field calibration. These Thruline sensors can measure average, peak, or burst power, VSWR, crest factor, and Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF). These RF Power Sensors are compatiable with a variety of Bird products including the 5000-NG Power Meter Display, Site Analyzers, SignalHawk RF Analyzers, Virtual Power Meter Software (VPM3) and the Bird RF Meter App.

  • Digital, analog, and multi-carrier signals regardless of modulation type
  • Measures True Average Power, Peak Power and Duty Cycle directly with exceptional accuracy
  • Calculations performed: VSWR, Return Loss, Reflection Coefficient, Crest Factor, Average Burst Power and CCDF
  • Sensor plug and plays with 5000-NG Power Meter Display and Bird's RF Meter App
  • Monitor and Perform maintenance for monitoring while DUT (Device Under Test) is in-service
  • No field calibration required, annual factory calibration only

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