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SignalHawk, Spectrum Analyzers | SiteHawk, Cable & Antenna Analyzers

Install and maintain wireless systems, perform in-depth troubleshooting, conduct routine maintenance and ensure your team's preparedness with Bird's portable RF analyzers. The rugged, hand-held equipment is not only used to maintain communication systems, but to also verify field performance with our SignalHawk RF Spectrum Analyzers, and identify and locate faults in the transmission system with our SiteHawk series of Cable and Antenna RF Analyzers.

Bird's Master RF Test Kits provides both the SH-60S-TC, 6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer or (SH-60S-AOA, 6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer) and the SK-6000-TC, 6 GHz Cable and Antenna Analyzer along with all the necessary equipment needed for field technicians and engineers for installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of coaxial cable and antenna systems and analysis of system performance.

FlightHawk® RF Aviation Basic Test Kits are rapid and accurate solution for testing antenna and cable systems in complex airframe systems. Our Cable and Antenna Analyzer assists aircraft maintenance technicians with commissioning, maintenance, and fault-finding of ground-to-air radios, airborne radios, repeaters, antennas, antenna combiners, and transmission cables.

The RailHawk® RF Railway Test Kit combines the functionality of the proven SiteHawk™ handheld analyzer, plug and play power sensor for UHF analog/digital radio systems, and GSM-R/LTE-R voice/data systems. All the necessary components are seamlessly integrated into a rugged transit case for convenience.

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