Channel Power Monitor

Channel Power Monitor

3141 Channel Power Monitor and RF Power Sensors

Radio System Monitoring

Be confident of the status of each individual component in a radio system with effortless monitoring from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Comprised of a central processor and a variety of sensors, the Bird CPM can be setup to monitor radio performance, combiner loss, and antenna/feedline characteristics providing continuous information on the health of each component it monitors.

Easy system access is available from any computer, tablet or phone on your network with the CPM-hosted web page. This allows for set up of alarms for failure conditions such as high or low power, or poor antenna VSWR. The monitor includes both software and hard contact alarms and can be configured to send SNMP Trap messages for emergency condition alerts. Data logging is standard and takes reliability one step further by enabling you to see degraded performance before it becomes an emergency.

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