Channel Power Monitor

Channel Power Monitor

3141A Series

RF Channel Power Monitor (CPM)

Comprised of a central processor and a variety of sensors, The Bird Channel Power Monitor system can be set up to monitor radio performance, combiner loss, and antenna/feedline characteristics providing continuous information on the health of each component in monitors.

This multiple-channel power monitoring system is capable of continuously monitoring power and VSWR performance simultaneously monitoring for up to 16 analog or digital channels and is scalable to accommodate any size radio system operating between 118 and 940 MHz. The CPM evaluates and monitors LMR systems by checking the key elements of transmission path in real time and alerting users of degraded performance or failures.

  • Power monitor display and sensors allow you to build a system around your needs
  • Monitor up to 16 non-directional and 16 directional power sensors simultaneously
  • Measuers forward, reflected, composite and individual channel power as well as antenna system VSWR
  • Monitoring of the system is accomplished via interface with the front panel or accessed through the built in web server and web page
  • Configurable alarming for high and low level power and high antenna VSWR, utilizing hard contact and SNMP formats
  • Standard Push-to-Talk (PTT) compatibility

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