DPS Series, Directional Power Sensors

DPS Series, Directional Power Sensors


DPS Series, Directional RF Power Sensors

Bird's 5014, Thruline Directional RF Power Sensor is a flexible RF power mesurement solution that can be tailored to a multitude of applications. Measures True Average or Peak Power using Bird Plug-In Elements

  • Bird's Directional Power Sensor measures True Average Power using APM/DPM series plug-in elements
  • Measure Peak Power using 43 Series plug-in elements
  • Supported modulation types include: AM, FM, CW, 8VSB, COFDM
  • Provides Forward & Reflected RF power, VSWR, Return Loss, and Reflection Coefficient
  • Operate your sensor by connecting a USB cable to an Android device utilizing the Bird RF Meter App, 5000-NG Power Meter Display, or VPM3 on a Windows 7 PC. (Windows RF Meter Software for newer OS)
  • Virtual Power Meter (VPM3) included

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