5A2968-CS10, 10' RJ25 Interface CableZoom

5A2968-CS10, 10' RJ25 Interface Cable

Item# 5A2968-CS10

5A2968-CS10, RF Power Sensor Interface Cable

10' RJ25, Data Cable

5A2968-CS10, RJ25 Interface Cable securely connects the following Power Sensors to the 3141 Channel Power Monitor Display:


  • Connectors: (2) x RJ12
  • Contacts: Gold (contact area)/Nickel Plated (overall)
  • Cable Characteristics: Silver PVC Jacket, U.L. Style 20251
  • Length: 10 feet

Compatible Power Sensors

  • 4042 Series, Channel Power Sensors
  • 4043 Series, Directional Power Sensors
  • 4044 Series, Non-Directional Power Sensors

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