4027A Series, Precision Power Sensors

4027A Series, Precision Power Sensors

RF Power Sensors for Precision Laboratory Applications

1% Accurate Precision Directional Power Sensors

Bird’s® 4027A Series Precision Power Sensors were designed to bring superb accuracy and ease of use together for the engineer in the laboratory. At the calibrated frequency and power level, these sensors are capable of 1% accuracy. With calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, you can be confident of the measurements these sensors provide.

Connectors are required to be equipped on BOTH the INPUT and OUTPUT side of the sensor. Bird guarantees the 4027 Series Sensors at +-1% Accuracy only with connectors the sensor is calibrated and sold with from our factory.

Sensor Selection

Models Power Range Frequency
4027A12M 300 mW to 1 kW 10-15 MHz
4027A250K 3 W to 10 kW 250-400 kHz
4027A400K 3 W to 10 kW 400-550 kHz
4027A800K 3 W to 10 kW 800-950 kHz
4027A2M 3 W to 10 kW 1.5-2.5 MHz
4027A4M 3 W to 10 kW 3-5 MHz
4027A10M 3 W to 10 kW 10-15 MHz
4027A25M 3 W to 9 kW 25-30 MHz
4027A35M 3 W to 7.5 kW 35-45 MHz
4027A60M 3 W to 6 kW 45-65 MHz
4027A100M 3 W to 4 kW 95-105 MHz
4027A150M  3.75 W to 3.75 kW 150-170 MHz

For applications with harmonic greater than -50 dBc, contact the factory for versions of 4027A Sensors with filtering included.

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