4027A250K, 250-400 kHz Precision Power Sensor (CALDATA included)

4027A250K, 250-400 kHz Precision Power Sensor (CALDATA included)

4027A250K, 250-400 kHz, 3 W to 10 kW

Precision RF Power Sensor

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4027A250K, RF Power Sensor is designed for use in semiconductor processing and other precision process applications. At the calibrated frequency and power level, these sensors are capable of 1% accuracy. Intended for use with Bird 4421A Series Precision Multifunction Power Meters, these sensors provide a threefold improvement in long term unit to unit accuracy.

Connectors are required to be equipped on BOTH the INPUT and OUTPUT side of the sensor.
Bird guarantees the 4027 Series Sensors at +-1% Accuracy only with connectors the sensor is calibrated and sold with.
If you do not select connectors when placing this item in the shopping cart someone from sales will contact you to assist with connector selection and final pricing.


  • Frequency Range: 250-400 kHz
  • Power Range: 3 W to 10 kW
  • Accuracy: ±1% at calibration frequencies and power levels
    ±2 % at other frequency and power levels
    Add 2% to uncertainty outside 25 ± 10 C
  • Calibration Power Level: 1000W units: 700 watts
    10kW units: 1700 watts
  • Uniformity: 2 % maximum unit to unit, at calibration frequency and power levels
  • Speed: 2 readings per second
  • Maximum Power: 10 kW units - 12 kW (max)
    1 kW units - 1.2 kW (max)
  • Harmonic Content: -50 dBc (max)
  • VSWR Range: 1.0-2.0
  • Directivity: 28 dB
  • Insertion Loss: <0.05 dB
  • External DC: 12 VDC, supplied from 4421A Multifunction Power Meter
  • Connectors: Input and Output Connectors MUST be ordered separately at additional cost
  • Calibration Cycle: 6 month. Performance before and performance after data to be supplied for units

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