BA-300-115, 115V Blower AssemblyZoom

BA-300-115, 115V Blower Assembly

Item# BA-300-115


115V Blower Assembly

Compatible with 889X-300 RF Terminations and 8329-300 RF Attenuators

BA-300 Blower Assemblies supply forced air cooling to Bird Termaline 8890 Series Terminations and Tenuline 8329 Series Attenuators. The Bird BA–300-115 consists of two high efficiency fans, with vertical side baffles to direct air over the load’s radiator fins. The blower doubles the normal RF input rating of the installed load, e.g. a 2.5 kW load can dissipate 5 kW.


  • Input Voltage: 115 Volts ± 10%, 50/60 Hz ± 3%
  • Fuse Rating: T, 1 A, 250V
  • 20' Detachable 3-Wire Power Cable
  • Nuts and Screws (for assembly to load)
  • Instruction Manual

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