RH-RR-KIT, Railway RF Cable & Antenna Analyzer KitZoom

RH-RR-KIT, Railway RF Cable & Antenna Analyzer Kit


Signal Maintenance On Track!

RH-RR-KIT, Railway RF Cable & Antenna Analyzer Kit


Birdís new Railway RF Cable & Antenna Analyzer solution provides a comprehensive kit that allows technicians to maintain high quality service networks in the railway industry. Based on the need for redundant communications, Birdís Cable & Antenna Analyzer increases reliability and assures maintainability for communication protocols targeted in railway space. Designed to help novice and expert users, our easy-to-use analyzer finds problems before they become timeconsuming, expensive repairs.

Birdís RailHawk RF Railway Test Kit is the result of combining the proven antenna and cable testing functionality of the SiteHawk handheld analyzer, Birdís plug and play power sensor Ė designed specifically to test the UHF analog/digital radio systems, as well as the GSM-R/LTE-R voice/data systems - and all the necessary loads, adapters and cables into a single rugged transit case.

Avoid communication shortfalls, downtime and expense resulting from trial and error of swapping components to fix your issue.


  • Test RF cables & antennas at the frequency of operation, not at DC where problems are masked.
  • Locate RF cable, connector & antenna problems at the source.
  • FDR (frequency Domain Reflectometry) pinpoints faults at the frequency of operation, unlike other measurement techniques which can mask pending failures of critical system components.
  • Distance to Fault (DTF) mode can plot VSWR or Return Loss levels at each distance point along the cable and antenna system length.
  • Cable Loss function measures insertion loss of the cable system over a given frequency range.
  • OTG USB communication port for connection to Bird power sensors, storage devices and battery charging.
  • Compatible with the Bird RF Meter App utilizing RF compatible sensors 501X, 7020, 7022 Series


  • Determine if your GSM-R & LTE radio RF cables an antennas are the source of your problem.
  • Diagnose antenna and cable problems in fixed, trackside radio infrastructure, and on-board rolling stock.
  • Accurately pinpoint coaxial cable faults, minimizing downtime associated with removing furniture, panels and bulkheads.
  • Early identification of degraded cable performance due to moisture ingress, permitting planned maintenance instead of emergency repairs.

Included in Kit

  • RailHawk-AV, Cable and Antenna Analyzer
  • 7020-1-010101, 350 MHz - 4 GHz Power Sensor
  • SK-CAL-MN-C6, Calibration Combo
  • 25-T-MN, 25W RF Termination
  • AC Adapter (12 Vdc Output)
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • 4240-401, Adapter Kit
  • 4240-550, Adapter Kit
  • Stylus
  • 10' RF Cable
  • USB Drive
  • SK-CONN-OTG-2, USB Adapter


  • Frequency Range
    • Range: 1 MHz to 6 GHz
    • Resolution: 1 kHz
    • Accuracy: Ī2.5◊10-6 @25 įC
  • Output Power: -10 dBm (typ)
  • Measurement
    • Speed: 1 ms / data point
    • Points 51 to 3201
  • Measure Bandwidth: 100 Hz to 30 kHz
  • VSWR Measurement Range: 1.0 to 65.0
  • Cable Loss Measurement Range: 0 to 30 dB
  • DTF Range: 0 to 5000 ft. (0 to 1500 m)
  • Power Measurement: Yes
  • Display: 5.5", 720p
  • Storage Capacity: Thousands of traces and setups
  • Connectors:
    • USB: USB Type-C, 3.0
    • Test Port: Type-N (F), 50 Ohms
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Spanish
  • Battery: Li-ion, rechargeable
    • Operating Time: 10 hrs. (typ)
    • Charging Time: 5 hrs. (typ)
  • Compatible with: Birdís RF Meter App utilizing RF compatible sensors 501X, 7020, 7022 Series
  • Includes Bird RF Meter App

Standard Accessories: DC to 6 GHz Calibration Combo, Stylus, AC Adapter (12 VDC Output), Hard Carrying Case, (2) RF Adapters Kits, 10' RF Cable, USB Drive, USB Adapter

This product contains Li-Ion Batteries and cannot be shipped to Alaska, Puerto Rico or Hawaii via FedEx Ground - Please Contact Factory (866) 695-4569 to place your order.

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