8930 Series, RF Termination Repair Part Kits

8930 Series, RF Termination Repair Part Kits

8930 Series

10kW RF Terminations with 115V or 230V Blower Assy.

8930 Series, Oil-Cooled RF Loads are general purpose, 50 ohm, coaxial RF transmission line terminations, useful as standby reject loads for single or double sideband transmitters. They provide accurate, dependable, and low reflection line terminations over a frequency range of dc 1000 MHz. Up to 10,000 watts can be dissipated.

The loads have a coolant chamber surrounded by radiator fins. The front and rear fins form mounting flanges which can be used as supports for freestanding use or as brackets for fixed mounting. A pair of vent plugs at the top of the unit relieve internal pressure from coolant expansion and a blower assembly with three axial fans that line the bottom of the load.

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