8640A930-1, 3-1/8" Flanged Load Protection SwitchZoom

8640A930-1, 3-1/8" Flanged Load Protection Switch

Item# 8640A930-1


Load Protection Switch

8640A930-1, 3-1/8" Flanged RF Load Protection Switch provides an added layer of safety for the water-cooled Moduloads by preventing RF power from reaching it before proper coolant flow has been established. This device protects the Moduloads from damage that can result in costly downtime. It also simplifies the protection method by no longer requiring a connection between the Moduload’s interlock terminals to the RF Sources being measured.

The Bird Protection Switch is an easy-to-use device that efficiently enhances the level of protection for Bird Moduloads.


  • Dimensions: 3-1/8” flanged line section, 8.34” long
  • Frequency Range: 1kHz to 120MHz
  • Max Power: 60kW @ 2MHz, 20kW @ 60MHz, 16kW @ 120MHz
  • Insertion Loss: 0.05 dB max, up to 120 MHz (swtich closed)
  • VSWR: 1:02:1 max, up to 120 MHz (swtich closed)
  • Input DC power: 24 VDC from power supply (included)
  • Control Signal: Interlock from Moduload, 0.2A nominal
  • Indicators: Green LED when switch is closed
  • Hot Switching: Not recommended

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