7022, Statistical Power Sensor

7022, Statistical Power Sensor


Statistical RF Power Sensor

The 7022-1-020201, Statistical RF Power Sensor is a rugged, easy to use field instrument that uses statistical sampling techniques. In modern communications, signal average power, although important is no longer a sufficient control variable. These communication signals often require more diagnostic measurements. In the statistical mode, the power sensor measures the percentage of time the signal exists at a specific peak-to-average ratio. In the time domain mode, the sensor adds a variety of functions similar to an oscilloscope to our standard suite of measurements.

  • Digital, analog, and multi-carrier signals regardless of modulation type
  • Provides Forward and Reflected Power, Peak/Pulse Power, Time Domain and Statistical Measurements
  • Three operating modes: Conventional Time, Domain and Statistical
  • Analytical results of Signal of Interest using CCDF parameters
  • Detailed breakdown of a single or multiple pulses
  • Isolate and identify specific breakpoints with the use of markers
  • Includes a wide range of IEEE pulse parameters

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