4043E Series, Directional Power Sensor Monitors (Ethernet)

4043E Series, Directional Power Sensor Monitors (Ethernet)

4043E Series

Ethernet RF Power Sensors

Bird 4043E Series, Ethernet RF Power Sensors a apowerful approach to antenna and power monitoring for smaller raduo communications systems and paging networks. With internal processing capabilities, it eliminates the need for additional monitoring and processing equipment. 4042E power sensors connect directly to the internet or private IP network and can be accessed remotly for set-up and monitoring by displaying measurement information via a web browser on a Web UI.

  • Frequency range includes 7 bands between 118 and 940 MHz
  • Provides composite power monitoring
  • Alarm limits can be set by the user to provide alerts when crossed

Commercial, industrial, and government land-mobile-radio (LMR) wireless communications systems including:

  • Public Safety
  • Private Networks
  • Railroad

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