4028 Series, Directional Power Sensors

4028 Series, Directional Power Sensors

High Accuracy Directional RF Power Sensors

2% Accurate Precision Filtered Power Sensors

Periodically, power delivery systems used in high power LCD, TTA and Solar processes, as well as other precision applications, must be calibrated against an accurate RF power standard. This calibration is used to correct for any drift that may occur in the system. Integrating a 4028 Series Power sensor in your calibration process may improve accuracy and long-term repeatability that can yield significant improvements on your process yields.

Connectors are required to be equipped on BOTH the INPUT and OUTPUT side of the sensor (4028A Series Sensors). Bird guarantees the 4028 Series Sensors at +-2% Accuracy only with connectors the sensor is calibrated and sold with from our factory.

Sensor Selections

Models Power Range Frequency
4028A250K 1.0-20 kW 250-400 kHz
4028A400K 1.0-20 kW 400-550 kHz
4028A2M 1.0-25 kW 1.5-2.5 MHz
4028A3M 1.0-25 kW 2.5-3.5 MHz
4028A4M 1.0-25 kW 3.5-4.5 MHz
4028A10M 1.0-25 kW 10-15 MHz
4028A25M 1.0-25 kW 25-30 MHz
4028B3M 1.0-25 kW 2.5-4 MHz
4028B10M 1.0-25 kW 10-15 MHz

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