250 Watt RF Terminations

250 Watt RF Terminations

250 Watt Series

RF Coaxial Terminations

Bird 250 watt dry conduction-cooled RF Terminations are world-renowned for their high-quality, robust construction and conservative power ratings. The use of non-magnetic materials ans plating provide safety when used in applications with high magnetic fields such as MRI.

Conduction cooling describes the termination heat transfer by means of molecular agitation within the material without any motion of the material as a whole, this is considered a passive cooling device. Important considerations are ambient temperature and how much free airflow is available and the amount of heat needed to dissipate.


  • Ultra-compact, lightweight design
  • Fully shielded against production of extreneous radiation
  • Load requires no AC power
  • Requires a heatsink capable of maintaining a case temperature at or below 100°C

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