SMK-3000 Series, RF Calibration Kit

SMK-3000 Series, RF Calibration Kit

Precise. Accurate. Dependable.

Wideband, High Power

SMK-3000 Series, RF Calibration Kits are precision, high power calibration standards that are used to calibrate RF radios, wattmeters, directional couplers and other high-power RF test equipment in the field or metrology lab. Unlike other calibration solutions, the SMK-3000 calibration kits reduce the cost of ownership and provide a much faster time-to-calibration with lab precision and accuracy you’ve come to expect from Bird.

Covering a frequency range of 1 to 1000 MHz, the in-line calibration kits enable users to calibrate with either 1% or 3% accuracy in just minutes.

Included in the SMK-3000 kit is the Model 4421A Multifunction Power Meter. This intuitive display unit clearly identifies the Forward and Reflected power measurements within the RF path. In addition, return loss readings can also be shown to provide additional insight into the RF system being monitored.


  • True average power measurements for analog and digitally modulated signals
  • Forward Power in W or dBm
  • Reflected Power in W or dBm
  • Return Loss in VSWR, RL, or Reflection Coefficient
  • Graph of Power Over Time

Included in Kit

  • Low Band Directional Power Sensor
  • Medium Band Directional Power Sensorr
  • High Band Directional Power Sensor
  • 4421A Multifunction Power Meter
  • Rugged Carrying Case
  • Latch & Lock Cable


  • Measurement
    • Directivity: 28 dB (min)
    • Impedance: 50 Ohms
    • Insertion Loss: <0.05 dB
    • Insertion VSWR: <1.05:1

  • Uncertainty
  • (*Measurement conditions: Harmonics < 35 dBc, Load VSWR < 1.1:1, AM modulation < 1%)
    • Forward Power Uncertainty*
      • SMK-3001 Series: ± 1% of reading*, 2σ
      • SMK-3003 Series: ± 3% of reading*, 2σ
      • Calibration plane location: Connector output

    • Reflected Power Uncertainty*: ± 3% of reading*, 2σ
      • Calibration plane location: Connector output
    • VSWR Uncertainty: -27 dB to -10 dB, see chart
  • Connectors
    • RF Input: N (M)
    • RF Output: N (F)
    • Display: 1-meter Latch & Lock Coiled Cable

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