Record and Playback Systems

Record and Playback Systems

RF Capture, Storage and Editing Solutions

Bird's RF Streaming Solutions offer scalable, high-speed, continuous capture and storage solutions. Their portable design allows for use as an RF signal recorder in both laboratory and field testing environments.

Our systems record spectrum from DC to 50 GHz with instantaneous bandwidths of up to 1 GHz. Bird's high-resolution long duration RF signal storage and re-creation capabilities can dramatically increase the power of your spectrum analyzers and vector signal generators from many test & measurement industry leaders.

Product Profile

  • IQC5000B Series Record and Playback Systems - The industry's smallest, high-fidelity, dual-channel RF Record & Playback systems. With up to 255 MHz of record and playback bandwidth, the IQC5000B Series, RF Record & Playback System can meet long-duration recording needs from HF to millimeter wavelengths in mission-critical applications.

  • IQC91000A, Record and Playback System - Validate performance on the bench, in the chamber, or on the range with the IQC91000A Wideband RF Record & Playback system. Designed to record modern waveforms, the IQC91000A can continuously record 90 minutes of 1000 MHz wide waveforms with 12-bit fidelity.

  • IQC-PC8 Series, High Speed Data Offload - The IQC-PC8 Series leverages the blazing speed of Thunderboltô 3 technology to transfer data from the IQC5000B and IQC90000A series of capture and record devices to laptops and computers at a transfer rate of up to 40GB per second. Thatís the equivalent of 4 lanes of a PCIe interface in one Thunderbolt connection! This ultra quiet, low profile unit is easy to install and and is up and running in no time. Simply connect the IQC-PC8 to the IQC5000B or IQC90000A with a PCIe cable then connect to a PC with a Thunderbolt cable. Itís that easy!

  • Spectro-X, RF Signal Analysis Toolkit - is the essential signal extraction tool that enables users to sift through multi-terabytes of RF data recordings to quickly identify signals of interest based on user input. The fast, spectral search enables visualization and analysis, with high resolution, for system or test engineers developing EASA and conventional radar, ELINT, SIGINT, ECM, ESM, multi-channel communications, telemetry and MIMO systems.

  • RF Editor Software - drag-and drop graphical editing tool that lets you easily modify I&Q signals of any length or create entirely new ones. It's an invaluable tool for modifying and building signal waveforms in the time and frequency domains and is integrated with Bird's Spectro-X signal analysis software.

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