CW & Pulse RF Power Sensors

CW & Pulse RF Power Sensors

7027 & 7037 Series

Precision CW & Pulse RF Power Sensors

Bird 7037 and 7027 Series, RF Power Sensors for precision semiconductor applications bring reliable and traceable accuracy to development and production engineers in lab and semiconductor fab environments. At calibrated frequencies, the sensors are capable of 1% accuracy (7027 Series) and 0.5% accuracy (7037 Series) for measurements of the CW and pulsed signals. Calibration is NIST traceable.

  • Time domain display
  • Gated power measurements with up to four sets of gates available
  • Capable of ±1.0% (7027 Series) or ±0.5% (7037 Series) power measurement accuracy
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Measure pulse state widths down to 1 µs (sensor dependent)
  • Measure pulse rep. rates from 10 Hz up to 100 kHz
  • Harmonic filtering
  • Externa sync input
  • RF Interlock (optional)
  • Automate with SCPI command set
  • Enhances the set point accuracy of the RF source
  • Optimizes source-to-source consistency across the fleet
  • Delivers power measurements to 0.1% (7027 Series) or 0.5% (7037 Series) accuracy across its dynamic range
  • Simplifies measurements of multilevel pulses
  • Stremlines data collection efforts via UI and API

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