CW & Pulse RF Power Sensors

CW & Pulse RF Power Sensors

7027 & 7037 Series, Precision CW & Pulse RF Sensors

Superb Accuracy!

The 7037 and 7027 Series in-line RF Power Sensor brings first-to-market, traceable measurement accuracy to applications requiring precise RF power measurement, such as in the semiconductor, medical and laser industries. Bird's advanced CW & Pulse sensors, minimize RF process variability, improve plasma chamber-to-chamber matching and provide critical insight in your RF delivery system.

Highest Accuracy Across the Operating Range

With Bird's cutting-edge, calibration technology, 0.5% accuracy is guaranteed across the dynamic range, ensuring unit-to-unit repeatability and reducing process variability.

CW & Pulse Power Measurements without Switching Modes

Regardless of whether you are using CW or Pulsed RF, both measurements are automatically displayed using Birdís power meter without the need for switching modes.

Multilevel Pulse Measurements

Customize your complex process recipe measurements with up to 4 intervals within each pulse.


  • Time Domain Display
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Harmonic filtering
  • External sync input
  • RF Interlock (optional)
  • Programmable with SCPI command set


  • With RF generator calibration and verification, these high-accuracy sensors deliver confidence in the RF generator output.
  • Use the VPM3-MSP Software to log and analyze the RF power data from experimental recipes for more streamlined process development.
  • IIn-situ processes monitoring allows for real time monitoring of processes at runtime to detect anomalies.
  • Time domain analysis of RF pulse waveforms provide a closer look at high power RF pulses.

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