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Bird's corporate culture of providing the RF industry with the most reliable and dependable products dates back to the company's founding in 1942. J. Raymond Bird designed and manufactured his products to last for generations of continuous use. Birds' commitment to quality and reliable products is demonstrated by the significant number of Model 43 RF Wattmeters that are still active years after their introduction..

Bird has been the industry's standard in radio frequency product reliability for over 75 years. The criticality and definition of "reliability" can range from accuracy and precision to longevity and clarity. That can differ. The uses can range from commercial applications to military maintenance to electronic military instrumentation. That can differ. The measures of radio frequency products’ quality (and success) can range from data analysis to power measurement to signal strength. That can differ.

What cannot differ is the single-minded devotion to reliability — no matter the criticality, use, or metrics. Bird = the world's most reliable radio frequency products because we have to.

The more critical the mission, the more Bird is the critical choice. As the military's most trusted expert in RF communications, Bird knows your world intimately. We know that downtime is costly. We know that inaccuracies are dangerous.

Harsh conditions cannot become excuses. Challenging situations cannot provide "wiggle room." Bird designs and builds products for superior reliability in harsh conditions and to better handle challenging situations. Reliability is both a promise and our reality.

We live for it because lives depend on it. Choose Bird for your radio frequency products.

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