Bird Diagnostic System (BDS2)

Bird Diagnostic System (BDS2)

Inline Voltage & Current Probe

Identify & Minimize RF Process Variability

Using sophisticated parallel signal processing, the Bird Diagnostic System (BDS2) simultaneously measures and reports voltage, current, and phase angle at multiple fundamental, harmonic and intermodulation frequencies.

A robust frequency tracking algorithm guarantees accurate measurements under dynamic signal conditions. With this data, power and impedance are calculated at each frequency, giving users the ability to identify small discrepancies that may make the difference between a successful and a failed process.

The optional Time-Domain mode allows exceptional visibility into the shape of pulsed RF waveforms in the non-50 ohm environment. Similar to an oscilloscope, the BDS2 will display a one-shot, triggered view of the pulse envelope. Uniquely, however, the BDS2 will display the waveform in voltage, current, phase, power, or impedance to the fully specified accuracy of the system.

Product Features

  • 1% accurate measurement of RF voltage and current with a locked system
  • Calculated impedance, RF power
  • Multi-level pulse or CW waveformsr
  • 1-3 fundamental frequencies
  • 4 harmonics per fundamental frequency
  • 6 intermodulation products per fundamental pair
  • Time-domain mode
  • Tracking & Spectral search mode
  • Ethernet enabled


  • Chamber to chamber matching
  • RF process monitoring
  • Harmonic Levels up to 252 MHz are available for analysis.
  • Impedance matching
  • Troubleshooting RF delivery system
  • Identify process drifts
  • Harmonic levels up to 252 MHz are available for analysis
  • Voltage, current, phase and delivered power comparison

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