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4527, Panel Mount RF Wattmeter

Item# 4527

4527, Dual Meter-Dual Element Panel-Mount RF Wattmeter with Sampler Port

4527, RF Panel Wattmeter is tailored for 2-way mobile applications in the 2-512 MHz range. The panel is configured with dual meters and element sockets. These features let you determine VSWR more precisely using a more sensitive reflected power element and simultaneously read forward and reflected power. In addition, an variable RF probe provides a low power sample of the signal being measured and is available at a female BNC connector on the front panel, along with a control knob for adjustment.

The sampled output can be connected to any RF signal monitoring device such as a frequency counter, spectrum analyzer, or oscilloscope. Select elements up to 1000 watts from 2-200 MHz and up to 500 watts from 200-512 MHz. This model is not recommended for use in the antenna line of combined transmitter systems due to the risk intermodulation product generation. Consult the factory for appropriate combined transmitter monitoring products.

  • Frequency Range: 2 -512 MHz (depending on element)
  • Power Range: 100 mW to 10 kW using Bird Plug-in Elements
  • Accuracy: 5% of full scale
  • RF Sample Output: Fixed @ -53dB from 512-10 MHz decreasing to -70dB @ 2 MHz BNC (Female) port
  • Connectors: N-Type (Female)

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