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4431, Variable Tap RF Wattmeter

Item# 4431

4431, Variable Tap RF Wattmeter

4431, RF Wattmeter is the same as the Model 43 General Purpose Wattmeter except for an RF signal sampler probe. This RF probe provides a low power sample of the signal being measured and is available at a female BNC connector on the right side of the housing. The signal level can be adjusted with a control knob on the front of the meter. The sampled output can be connected to any RF signal monitoring device such as a frequency counter, spectrum analyzer, or oscilloscope.


  • Frequency Range: 1 kW max. 30-1000 MHz using Bird® Plug-in Elements (Applies only when coupling is less than 30 dB)
  • Power Range: 5 kW max. 2-30 MHz
  • RF Sample Output: Variable -15 to -70 dB from BNC (Female) port
  • Connectors: N-Type (Female)

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