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4421, Multifunction Power Meter

Item# 4421

4421, Multifunction RF Power Meter

Precision Power Meter for Semiconductor Processing Applications

4421, RF Power Meter, originally intended for general purpose laboratory applications where high accuracy is required, the 4421 has found wide acceptance in semiconductor processing applications. The product is configured as a system, consisting of the 4421 and a precision power sensor selected for the application based upon maximum power and operating frequency.

  • Power Range: Sensor dependent
  • Frequency Range: Sensor dependent
  • Return Loss Display: 1.0 199.9 (max)
  • Display Accuracy: +/- 1 on least significant digit
  • AC Power: 115/230 Vac @ 50/60 Hz; 60 W
    • 115 Vac: T630 mA
    • 230 Vac: T315 mA
    • Fuse Rating: IEC (5 x 20 mm) Time Lag Type T
  • Batteries
    • Life: Approximately 8 hours continuous usage (reduced after high temperature charging)
    • Charger: Built-in battery charger. Drained batteries require approximately 28 hours to recharge
  • Display: LCD, 4 digit display. Indicates mode, measurement units, battery condition, remote status, and signal increase/decrease. Self contained backlight
  • Optional Interfaces: IEEE-488 GPIB, RS-232
  • Compliance: CE Compliant. Refer to Declaration of Conformity for specific standards
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