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4421B540-2, Interface Module

Item# 4421B540-2


RF Power Sensor Interface Module

Connect your Bird precision sensor directly to your computer!

4421B540-2, Interface Module enables connection between any of our Bird 4020, 4027 and 4028 Series precision sensors to a computer and gives you access to the advanced features offered by our Virtual Power Meter (VPM) software. The VPM allows multiple sensor measurements to be displayed simultaneously as well as provides logging and the ability to connect to our entire line of Bird Field Sensors.

Additionally, a LabVIEW™ Virtual Interface is available to for connecting the sensor measurement reading directly into you custom application.


  • Compatible with: 4020, 4027 and 4028 Series Bird Power Sensors
  • Power Range: 100 mW to 25 kW FS, Sensor Dependent
  • Frequency Range: 100 KHz-3 GHz , Sensor Dependent
  • VSWR Range: 1.0 - 199.9, Sensor Dependent
  • Measurements: Forward Average Power, Reflected Average Power, VSWR
  • Interfaces: Latch-n-Lock to Sensor, USB 2.0 Type B and Serial RS-232

Standard Accessories

  • 4421-038 Latch-n-Lock Interface Cable (26")
  • 5B2229-1224G-1 Power Supply
  • 5A2653-6L USB Cable, (72")

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