4314C, PEP Single Element RF WattmeterZoom

4314C, PEP Single Element RF Wattmeter

Item# 4314C


PEP Portable RF Wattmeter

4314C RF Wattmeter is similar to the 43 Thruline Wattmeter but also contains electronic circuitry to accurately measure peak envelope power which is present in amplitude modulated signals such as AM broadcast, single side-band and TV video transmitters. The circuitry operates from 2 standard 9V alkaline batteries or an optional AC adapter.


  • Frequency Range: 450 kHz-2.7 GHz (depending on element)
  • Power Range: 100 mW to 10 kW using Bird® Elements
  • Pulse Parameter: (min.) Pulse width 0.4 µs (100-2300 MHz) 1.5 µs (26-99 MHz) and 15 µs (2-25 MHz) repetition rate 30 pps and duty factor 1 x 104 min.
  • Connectors: N-Type (Female)

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