4391A, PEP-Dual Element, RF Power AnalystZoom

4391A, PEP-Dual Element, RF Power Analyst

Item# 4391A


PEP-Dual Element Power Analyst

4319A RF Wattmeter monitors Peak Pulse Power, Peak Envelope Power, or CW Power during normal equipment operations in the forward or reflected direction. Designed for air navigational aids DME, ATC and other pulsed RF systems such as telemetry, radar, command and control, etc. They need no attenuators, directional couplers or charts.


  • Frequency: 0.45 - 2700 MHz
  • Power: 100 Mw 10 kW
  • Measurements: Reads Forward and Reflected CW or FM Power in watts or dBm, Peak Envelope Power of SSB/DSB and Symmetrical AM in watts, Calculates SWR, Return Loss in dB and 5 Modulation
  • Construction: Shock-resistant keyboard and range switches. RFI protection. Built-in international power supply/charger

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