Fiber Fed UHF/700/800 MHz Signal Boosters

Fiber Fed UHF/700/800 MHz Signal Boosters

SBII+ Series, Fiber Fed RF Signal Boosters

Cover 16X More Area

The Fiber Fed SBII+ utilizes our superior optical transport to allow linking of up to 16 remote boosters to maximize coverage area. Designed for efficient system implementation with complete setup, monitoring, and control from the head end. Several options are available making the system NFPA compliant, including the fiber fed alarm panel that displays the visual status of all alarms at one unit.


  • Supports up to 16 Remote Boosters to maximize coverage area.
  • The web browser user interface allows for local and network configuration.
  • Multiple bands as needed.
  • Complete set-up, monitoring, and control from the head-end.
  • Highly secure SNMP (v. 3.0) to send encrypted or in the clear system status trap messages to an SNMP Manager.
  • Easily perform remote firmware updates.
  • Built in oscillation management and detection with multiple user configurable choices.
  • On board LED displays and remote OLC monitoring capability.
  • NFPA/IFC options includes all the alarms and battery backup configuration options to comply with the standards.
  • Custom models available.

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