AT-500, 2-520 MHz Antenna TesterZoom

AT-500, 2-520 MHz Antenna Tester

Item# AT-500

AT-500, 2-520 MHz Antenna Tester

AT-500, Antenna Tester provides a cost-effective, fast, graphical way of determining the quality of mobile and base station antennas. Rugged, easy-to-use, hand-held design with extended battery life makes it ideal for use in the field. Tests the system in VSWR, Return Loss, Match Efficiency, or Reflection Coefficient (Rho).

Single frequency readings and frequency sweeps allow for everything from pin point tests to system optimization and tuning. Can save up to 12 traces for comparison and tracking over time. RS232 Interface allows communication.

Ideal for use when a ruggged field instrument is required to validate, test and troubleshoot antenna systems.

  • Frequency
    • Range: 5-520 MHz
    • Resolution: 20 kHz
    • Accuracy: +/- 50KHz
    • Number of Points: 100
  • Measurements
    • Rho: 0.000 to 1.000
    • Match Efficiency: 0 to 100%
    • Return Loss: -32 to 0 dB
    • VSWR: 1.00 to 100.00
    • Measurement Accuracy: Rho +/- 0.04
  • Test Port:
    • Connector: N(F) (TNC, UHF, BNC Male or Female adapters available)
    • VSWR: 1.25 (max)
    • Directivity: 32 dB (typ)
  • Measurement Speed
    • Single Frequency Point: 5 readings per second typical
    • Frequency Sweep: 1 sweep per second typical
  • Field Strength
    • Range: 0 to 100%, relative
    • Sensitivity: Fullscale deflection and 0.22 V/m @ 400 MHz using supplied antenna
  • PC Interface: RS-232 protocol via DB-9 port
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable NiCAD battery system. Unit may be recharged while operating using a wall adapter (included)
  • Compliance: Unit complies with MIL-T-28800 Class 5 except for temperature and humidity. Unit is CE-compliant and RoHS compliant

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