ANT-350-960-NF, Omni Ceiling Antenna, SISO, 350-960 MHz, 50WZoom

ANT-350-960-NF, Omni Ceiling Antenna, SISO, 350-960 MHz, 50W

Item# ANT-350-960-NF

Omni-Directional In-Building Antenna

This very compact high performance 350-960 MHz ceiling-mount omnidirectional antenna provides broad coverage. It is ideally suited for communications over the UHF, 700, 800 and 900 MHz public safety bands where wide coverage is desired.

This omni antenna is only 7.5" in diameter and 3.25 tall and features an aesthetic white ABS plastic radome. It is typically ceiling-mounted through a single hole in a standard suspended ceiling tile. Because of its near-invisible design this RF antenna is ideal for use in office environments and public buildings where durability and aesthetics are important.


  • Wide Frequency Band 350-960 MHz
  • Public Safety Coverage
  • Low Passive Intermodulation
  • Low VSWR & High Gain
  • Corrosion Resistance, Anti-aging
  • Widely used for In-building Solutions

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