ACM & ACMI Series, Antenna and Cable Monitors

ACM & ACMI Series, Antenna and Cable Monitors

ACM and ACMI Series, Antenna and Cable Monitors

Antenna & Cable Fault Detection

Bird’s® Antenna & Cable Monitor is the reliable solution for monitoring your RF transmission systems. Service providers and self maintained end user can depend on this monitor and alarm to keep their critical sites up and running.

Designed to detect antenna and cable faults that transmitterinternal VSWR monitors may not detect. An integral coupler with high directivity optimizes measurement accuracy. It measures small changes in antenna VSWR with high feeder and interface losses and provides accurate RF in-line power measurement functionality.


  • Provides multiple alarms if an antenna or cable failure should occur.
  • Measures true average power of signals with high peak-to-average characteristics - works with any modulation.
  • Monitors transmitter output power and includes low or high power alarms.
  • Remote access with both monitoring and control via serial and ethernet interfaces.
  • Included as standard Push-To-Talk (PTT) input to avoid false alarm triggering when the transmitter (radio) is not keyed.


3G, Low Power Broadcast, CDMA & CDMA 2000, Edge, GSM, Microwave, Paging, TDMA, TETRA, TETRAPOL, VHF & UHF, LMR and WLL.
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