4308, Cellular Specialist WattmeterZoom

4308, Cellular Specialist Wattmeter

Item# 4308


Cellular Specialist RF Wattmeter

4308, RF Wattmeter measures forward and reflected power in coaxial transmission lines. Bird Thruline instruments can be left in the line for continuous monitoring of either the transmitter power output or the amount reflected by the antenna. These two qualities are actually the most important transmission parameters.

Tuning for the minimum reflected power results in a good match of the load (antenna) to the line, and adjusting the transmitter for maximum forward power into a matched antenna approaches ideal design goals, These optimum system adjustments result in a low Voltage Standing Wave Ratio.


  • Frequency Range: 440-960 MHz
  • Power Range: 1.5, 5, 15, 50 W, with no scale limitations
  • Accuracy: +/- 5% of full scale
  • Connector: N-Type (Female)

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