8892-320, 5kW Oil-Cooled TerminationZoom

8892-320, 5kW Oil-Cooled Termination

Item# 8892-320

8892-320, 5 kW Oil-Cooled RF Termination

The 8892-320, Oil-Cooled RF Load is a self-contained high-power 50 ohm coaxial transmission line termination with an attached 230 VAC blower unit which provides forced-air cooling. The unit provides accurate, dependable, and practically non-reflective termination for testing and adjusting transmitters under non-radiating conditions.

The load consists essentially of a cylindrical film type resistor immersed in a dielectric coolant. The resistor, individually selected for its accuracy, is enclosed in a special tapered housing which provides a linear reduction in surge impedance directly proportional to the distance along the resistor.

  • Frequency Range and VWSR: DC to 1 GHz @ 1.1:1 (max)
    1 to 2 GHz @ 1.25:1 (max)
    2 to 2.4 GHz @ 1.3 (max)
  • Cooling Method: 230 VAC Blower Assembly
  • Connector: 3-1/8" EIA Flanged

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