7003A001-1, SiteHawk Antenna and Cable Analyzer Test Kit

7003A001-1, SiteHawk Antenna and Cable Analyzer Test Kit
Item# 7003A001-1

Product Description

7003A001-1, SiteHawk Antenna and Cable Analyzer Test Kit

This product contains Li-Ion Batteries and cannot be shipped to Alaska, Puerto Rico or Hawaii via UPS Ground - Please Contact Factory (866) 695-4569 to place your order.

The 7003A011-1 Test Kit includes the SK-4500-TC Antenna and Cable Analyzer in a hard carrying case along with a selection of essential accessories; itís ideally suited for field techs and engineers who need to quickly diagnose and resolve problems with communications systems. The pocket-sized SiteHawk Antenna and Cable Analyzer operate from 1 MHz to 4.5 GHz and features an intuitive interface readily accessible to even the first time user.

With the SiteHawk Test Kit, it is simple to:

  • Determine if there is a problem with your cable and antenna system using the Measure Match function.
  • Locate the source of the problem with the Use Distance to Fault measurement
  • Take various power measurements with the included Bird Power Sensor
  • Includes Bird RF Meter App

Kit Components:

  • 5000-035 Hard Case
  • SK-CAL-MN-C, Calibration Combo
  • 25-T-MN, 25W RF Termination
  • 5A2970-16-120B, 120" 6 GHz N (M) to N (F) Coax Cable
  • 4240-500-10, N (M) to SMA (F) Adapter | 4240-500-23, N (M) to SMA (M) Adapter
  • 4240-433, SMA (F) Avionics Adapter | 4240-444 SMA (M) Avionics Adapter

Detailed Specifications and Product Documentation Downloads Available

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