5010B, Directional RF Power Sensor - DB9 InterfaceZoom

5010B, Directional RF Power Sensor - DB9 Interface

Item# 5010B
5010B, Directional RF Power Sensor - DB9 Interface (Proprietary Configuration)

The Bird 5010B, RF Power Sensor is the most flexible RF sensor on the market today. With this Dual-Socket Thruline® sensor design, you may select from a wide range of Bird Elements to tailor the unit to your needs over a wide range of frequencies and power levels. Also, select field changeable input and output RF connectors from dozens of types including (N, BNC, HN, 7/16 DIN). Operate your sensor with the hand-held 5000-XT, Digital Power Meter.

The DPS measures True Average Power and/or Peak Power with exceptional accuracy that is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It is also a highly economical RF power measurement tool offering reliable results for hundreds, not thousands of dollars.

  • DPS measures: True average power, peak power
  • Measurements performed: Standard elements; true average forward power, true average reflected power, Peak detecting elements; peak forward power
  • Calculations performed: VSWR, Return loss, Reflection Coefficient

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